Tim is a writer and social justice advocate based in Sydney, Australia.

I blog to create discussion of mental illness, masculine and queer identity. My food posts hopefully get people creative and baking.

A child that knows me well once said that I “think outside the box”.

Being, in some ways, different hopefully provides me with a different perspective on things.

Being, in some other ways, ordinary hopefully helps me connect with others.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bittersweetaliveblog

Twitter: @bittersweetaliv

Tumblr: http://bittersweetalive.tumblr.com

3 responses to “About

  1. Hi there, my same gender loving brother! I just discovered your site today after you began following my blog. I’m following you now and know that I will return again, and often, once I have more time to explore your works. I like what I’ve read so far. You have a very interesting concept, very unique. Much love and naked hugs, buddy! 🙂


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